SWEET SONG COMING 'ROUND - Jeni & Billy's First Live Album

Sweet Song Coming 'Round CoverWhen they headed out west in the Spring of 2012, Jeni & Billy made all the usual tour preparations: changed the oil in the Jeep, packed up the Airstream with food and clothes, and filled the Jeep with instruments and CDs. Then they did something new. They packed up the equipment from their home recording studio and took it on the road.

It was an experiment: to see whether they could capture not just the songs, but the stories that make a Jeni & Billy live performance so unique.

Thousands of miles and a dozen gigs later, back home in East Nashville, they sat down on the sofa, fired up the studio speakers, and started listening. And listening. And listening. For days, and weeks, and months . . . selecting the very best live performances they had managed to capture.

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The result is Sweet Song Coming 'Round, a two CD album of stories and song (and even a little flatfoot dancing). If you've ever left a Jeni & Billy concert wishing you could here those stories one more time -- or, if you love Jeni & Billy's music but have never seen them perform live -- this CD is for you.

Old favorites from Jewell Ridge Coal and Longing for Heaven, along with a raft of never-before released numbers, all wrapped in the warm quilt of Jeni & Billy storytelling -- it's the next best thing to attending a live show.